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How we can help...
Find Your Perfect Animal Actor!
We understand how important it is for you to have happy, healthy, well-trained animals with the skills and experience to match your brief.

Plus, we give you peace of mind by supporting your animal actor on set with one of our experienced trainers or wranglers.

In short, our goal is to assist you in a successful production while providing the best possible care for our animal actors.  

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Has Your Pet Got Star Quality?

Animal Talent Time Agency (ATT) offers pet owners the opportunity to give their furry, feathered or scaly friends a chance to be in the spotlight.

It is a competitive industry, and like human acting there aren’t any guarantees. But we are here to guide and offer you expert advice so you can work towards a successful animal acting career for your pet.

See FAQ at the bottom of the page.

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Are you looking for a qualified puppy and dog trainer with caring, effective, long-lasting training methods?
  • Puppy Parents
  • We'll help give your puppy the best start in life by developing good behaviour patterns and preventing the development of bad habits.
  • Nipping and biting, potty training, jumping up, coming when called, socialisation, fears, anxiety, crate training and much more. Click To Find Out More
  • Adolescent and Adult Dogs 
  • ​Does your dog get anxious when left alone, have a fear of certain people, animals or objects, appears not to listen? 
  • ​Whatever the problem, please reach out to us.   Click To Find Out More
  • ​Animal Acting Parents
  • Working on set is very exciting, but there may be a lot more to it than you think.  Click To Find Out More
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Looking For The Perfect Animal Actor For Your Production?

animal actor PET OWNERS

Has Your Pet Got Star Qualities?


Need Help To Train Your
Puppy Dog?


Looking for Animal Actors for TV, film etc.

The production companies work for a client e.g. McDonalds, but we don't work directly with the client, in 95% of cases we only liaise with the production company.


Wanting to register their pet on our database as an animal actor.

Like human acting it is very competitive, the most talented are normally selected.


Looking for help with their puppy or dog - online courses and/or online coaching.

While I'm happy to train any dog, I'm trying to niche to puppies.

Our courses are aimed at puppy owners for common problems such as nipping and biting, potty training etc.

Types of Animal Actors
We have an extensive range of animal actors just perfect for your next production






Introducing Fiona, one of our wonderful trainer/wranglers here at Animal Talent Time. 

Fiona recently had the honour of being interviewed on Hope 103.2 Radio station, where she shared insights about her beloved Border Collie, Echo, and her extensive experiences working on TV and film sets, both as a devoted pet owner and as an accomplished trainer/wrangler.

Listen to the interview here: Interview with Fiona Hope 103.2 
Photo credit Ruthless Photos
Meet Our Founder
Ann says “I have the best job in the world.  I've had the opportunity to combine my love for animals with the skills and experience I’ve developed over the past 30 + years”.
Ann’s love for animals is evident in her desire to make pet training a fun and rewarding experience for both the pets and their owners.
Ann's experience in the film and TV industry provides her with unique skills and knowledge that allow her to train animals of a variety of different species for the big screen.  It's exciting for all involved at the conclusion of a successful film or TV shoot.

In addition to Ann’s TV and film training experience, Ann is a qualified puppy and dog trainer.

Ann helps puppy and dog owners tackle a multitude of problems such as potty training, nipping and biting, barking, coming when called, overcoming fears and anxiety, behaviour modification, advanced skills and more.

Ann Harris

Founder of Animal Talent Time

"I would highly recommend the Animal Talent Time Workshops. Not only did we have a lot of fun on the day with like minded people & their dogs, we got to meet the amazing ATT team and spend time learning how to prepare our dogs for all sorts of unfamiliar situations and distractions that might arise on set. Definitely well worth attending."

- Fi with Echo

"I have been working with Ann and Joy at Animal Talent Time for a few years now. My experiences have always been a positive one. Professional, educational, friendly, entertaining and downright hilarious at times. Keep up the good work girls... we make a great team together."

- Sawadas Cattery

"It’s always a delight to work with the professional team at Animal Talent Time! From screening applicants to match their skills to the assignment, timely communications along the way and even providing on set professionals when needed, ATT can not be faulted."

- Raj & Kellie on behalf of PhineasPUG

"It was a good to find out more about the film industry, it's a lot harder than what you probably think, there's smoke going off and noises. It was a great opportunity to see how the dogs went with all the exercises!"

- Gayle with Zoe and Murphy

I have the cutest pet …. what are the chances of my pet becoming a Star?
Most Producers and Directors are after a certain 'look' when casting animals, however, looks and cuteness only go so far.… skills, temperament and the ability to maintain focus in distracting and unusual environments enhance your pet's opportunities.
Is there a registration fee?
Yes there is a once off registration fee of $55.00 for your pet’s own professional portfolio.  You simply complete an online form with your pet's details and provide us with good quality photos. You can also provide us with a video (optional).  Once complete, when your pet's appearance and skills meet a production company's brief, we will share your pet's portfolio link with the production company.  
What location are the jobs in?
Most of Animal Talent Time (ATT) work is in the Sydney area. 
What are the chances my pet will get a job?
Getting your pet work in the TV and film industry is rewarding but also challenging. We won't give you any fluff, the industry is highly competitive and that's one of the reasons we created ATT's online portal – to provide your pet with a professional looking portfolio if you provide us with quality photos and videos.
Production companies often have specific requirements or a certain 'look' in mind when selecting animals for roles. While appearance is a factor, skills are equally important. Pets with well-developed skills are more likely to stand out and be chosen for roles by the clients.
At ATT, we are committed to supporting you on this journey. Our friendly and dedicated team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance every step of the way. We understand the industry's dynamics and are here to help you and your pet navigate them.
How will I know my animal will be treated well and work under safe conditions on set?
ATT’s first priority is the safety and wellbeing of your pet, we are animal lovers and understand what your pet means to you.
What kind of jobs are animal actors called for?
The requests for animals and the requirements for a job are only limited by a production company's imagination. The mediums range from television, film, photo shoots, theatre, print, promotions, live events, advertising, music videos, web videos corporate events …. the list goes on!
What other animal breeds (aside from dogs and cats) get work?
There is unlimited potential for all types of animals. Dogs and cats are the most commonly asked for; however, horses, ponies, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, reptiles, lambs, ducks etc. can all become animal actors.
Are there any health requirements for my animal?
Yes, if your animal is shortlisted for a job, we require current health and vaccination certification.
How much notice will I have if I am short listed by a production company?
Due to the fast pace of this industry, it can be last minute and on some occasions could be a day or two prior to the shoot date.
If my pet isn't successful will you let me know?
Yes, we realise you are busy and keen to know what is happening, we pride ourselves on getting back to pet owners to let them know if their pet hasn't been selected.
How much money can an animal actor make?
We have found most animals work for treats, games and praise, but their owners are more inclined to want to be paid :) There is no set schedule of fees, as costs will vary due to many factors …. production budget, the animal's experience and skill level, the owner/trainer's experience and skill level, travel, duration on set, etc. As a guide payment starts at $300 for a half day shoot.
It's my first time on set? What sort of support will I get?
We understand your excitement when your pet has been selected, and it can also be a bit daunting going on set - ATT's friendly staff will provide you with lots of support material and guidance prior to the production, and on the shoot day one of our experienced trainer/wranglers will be there to support you and your pet. We are here to help and guide you from the beginning stages through to 'that's a wrap'.
Does my animal need to work well with other animals on set?
It is an advantage if your animal is comfortable in close proximity to other animals. On occasions, your pet may be required to share the spotlight with other animals or could be waiting while another pet is on set.
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